Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why John McCain could learn a lesson from Spencer Tracey

So I was watching an old Spencer Tracey/Katherine Hepburn film the other night. On a proper dvd, not via the medium of wonky little YouTube, but still, it was remarkably prescient plot-wise. Well, y'know, sort of, anyway.

State of the Union (1948) - the Republicans were looking for a candidate for President, they want someone who's an outsider but a great talker - old Spencer is. He's a maverick. O, yeh! He has some great speeches - that YouTube won't provide - and thinks outside the box, before the daft phrase was even invented. But then, guess what, the party insiders get to him, persuade him to moderate his views, not upset big business bla de bla de schma...

Of course, Kate Hepburn's character goes along with this - heck, they don't even get on that well, but that's another love story - until she decides, *Gosh Darn It!*, she's had enough of this charade. If he won't run honestly, what is the point? What is the blinkin point, in being a so-called maverick, huh, Spence, huh?

So, not wishing to give away the plot - but giving it away anyway - as you, my invisible reader, will never get round to seeing the film anyway, cos you're incurably lazy - Spence basically freaks out - screams into the microphone in an "I'm Mad as Hell" moment. Has to be seen to be believed and enjoyed. On DVD. Similar to this moment of genius when a newsreader goes bonkers in the film, 'Network':

dAMN - I WISH SOME POLITICIAN WOULD GO TONTO LIKE THAT. And then get locked up soon after...

So State of the Union (1948) Review: black & white, bit over-long, lots of good bits.

But while you're at it - check out the 1st minute of this YouTuber - before the mawkish music kicks in. This woman kills me - really kinda wonderful...

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