Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why *clouding* gives you a sense of perspective.

I see any group of words stripped out of context and just want to start reciting them as Fall lyrics. Doing my best-ah, Mark-ah, E. Smith impression-ah. And that's what makes me love this new-fangled (old probably - but new to me) idea of slinging your words into a magic Word Dragon's mouth and getting her to burp them back out at you in a cloud of your own toxically over used lexicona. Or words to that effect.

Tag Crowd. (Other similar devices are available) It's possibly the most solipsistic thing you could do. Take your own words and play with them. Like a naughty 2 year old playing with his doings. And almost as enjoyable.

So this is me. Or my last 6 blog poops in a cloudy nutshell:
created at TagCrowd.com
Adopt Mark E. Smith voice and recite:
"Advert angry, bit bread.
Gas, ha.
Life love
manchester meter
music work"

Throw in a few random, ahhhs and you've got yourself an authentic Fall b-side. But a fair reflection of my recent thoughts - especially as Npower turned up today with *the wrong type of gas meter*. So, yeah. Eating bread. Angry about gas. Just about sums me up, ahhh...

Even if my cloud words aren't actually as good as Fall lyrics:

"The car is at the roundabout
The policeman is at the roundabout
But I'm full of surprises now
And my friend, he said I'm full of surprises now
Let me tell you about scientific management
And the theft of its concealment
The Birmingham School of Business School"

How that wasn't a top 40 hit on the hit parade, I will never know. HOWEVER, sing365.com which is where I borrowed the lyrics from does offer:


Wow. Wouldn't that be great? I'd like to hear Bingo Master's Breakout as a squeaky ringtone. No, well, I'm not sure it'd work, but who knows. I suspect you can get every song in the world as a ringtone now. I'd like something ambient. That John Cage number, what was it called:

"4'33" <<<<<<<--------------------- I want THAT as my ringtone!!! On maximum volume. Turned up LOUD. Genius. Something to play on the back of the bus to annoy people.

Sorry this is just syncopated wittering now, pure late night bloggage. About as interesting as listening to Mark E. Smith reading the football results...

Hey hang on... Surely he's not going to read all of them? Scottish League Division Two as well?


  1. I like the whole idea of using just the important words.

    I also like that it goes in alphabetical order, there's a certain analness and pointlessness to that which appeals to me.

  2. Observation 2:

    Tut tut. The simple rules of football results mean you need a certain tone for each result. You have to lower your tone for losing results and adopt a higher pitch* for winning results. Mark E Smith does them all as if they were draws. You could never play the game (of the terminally bored) where you try to guess the second result based on the tone of the first one.

    Which I'm sure is the ONLY reason he hasn't been given the job permanently.

    *I haven't a scoobie about pitch and tone and which is what. Y'know what I mean.

  3. there you go. it's a roshorsh (sp?) test. it's like someone with English as a foreign language & a dictionary is listening to you and making notes and they only have time to flick through it and catch the important words. So it makes no sense & any every sense at the same time.

    As for Mr Mark. I can only watch it open mouthed. Though it does get funny at the end (which I skipped to) when Smith, sitting in his glass house, starts having a go at Ray Stubbs' hair. I can only imagine the reaction of grandad's across the land, sitting there with their pools forms, waiting to tick off the score draws (if anyone still does this in the age of the lottery?). Personallly, as a child I used to love reading the results aloud in the paper. Nottingham Forest nil (increasingly surprised voice) Ipswich Town 3! (sounding bored again) Mansfield Town 1, (dull this job) Coventry City 1... Literally seconds of fun.