Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why I can't help feeling sorry for little Johnny McCain. Why he did seem like a nice guy once upon a time.

So last night John McCain got totally pwned in the 2nd US Presidential chatathon. Or so anyone who could manage to stay awake long enough to watch it said. As the two candidates endlessly repeated their philosophies and reasons why the US economy is in such a state:

  • JM: It was his lot, my friends. Him n his mates are the ones wot caused it. All this problematics.
  • BO: Uh huh. Nah hah. It was him n his bessie mate, Georgie Porgie Bushwushy W. Cos they are like total best mates & hold hands. They really like each other in a special way. Wink, wink.
  • JM: No, no, cos *that one* he keeps sayin bad things about me but that is cos he smells. He doesn't even know how to add up and I do. He is rubbish.
  • BO: You are rubbish.
  • JM: No, YOU are rubbish.
  • BO: You are way way way more rubbish than me.
  • JM: You are the rubbishest of all the rubbishist. I am not even gonna look at you. So smelly.
  • BO: Rubs rubs rubs rubs rubs. You are, you are, you are.
  • JM: O, poo to you.
It was high level intellectual debate. But the problem for Johnny McCain wasn't that Barack Obama had all the answers, it was more that John came across as such an angry old bugger. Grumpy Grandpa Simpson. Obama was clearly winning the *I could have a beer with him* vote - although clearly not in some areas where he's got a bit too much of a sun tan to ever make him *best friend forever* material.

Weirdly, arch right-wing pro-torture drama 24 might have helped set the stage for Barack Obama. How could you not watch Dennis Haysbert star as President David Palmer and not want him to be the real president?

In the debate Barack Ob looked cool & in control; Johnny Mac looked just confused and unhappy. I say that as someone who used to admire JM. Politics & war record aside. Ignored, if possible. Just as a bloke. But now.... he's behind you------------>>>>>>

[John McCain Gets BarackRoll'd from The Margins of Error]

Was John McCain really a good guy, once upon a time? Was he a ever friendly kid or was he always this tough little fella, angry about everything, convinced everyone else is wrong, convinced that everyone is against him. Which they pretty much are - his poll ratings in the US Presidential elections are dropping as fast as the price of stocks and shares.

Is there a difference between stocks & shares? I have none, I know not.

But mad, bad John McCain doesn't care what people say. He even LIKES it that they don't agree. He likes it that he's the only one raging against the world. The more you tell him how wrong he is; the more it proves how right he is. That's the formula behind the *Maverick* equation. Who knows. Maybe he is right about all those political things...

But but but... for a time, Johnny was one of those politicians who seemed fun. He swore his head off. He had a bit of a laugh. Now he's an old age robot. Pull a string in his back and out comes a pre-rehearsed line *My friends, what Senator Obama doesn't understand... *

Here he is acting human and amusing on the Daily Show:

Here he is talking about his favourite film. His favourite film! What would Dave Cameron say? Titanic? Gordon Brown? Mr Bean: the movie?

Here's Johnny Mac on his favourite film, Viva Zapata! A drama set in Mexico during their revolution:

"Elia Kazan made three movies with Marlon Brando. One was "A Streetcar Named Desire," one was "On the Waterfront," and the third was "Viva Zapata!" Many people think Brando's performances in Streetcar and Waterfront were his best. I think Zapata! was his best. I'm in the minority about this. But go back and watch the scene of his wedding night, with [Brando] and Jean Peters - the actress who later married Howard Hughes, who made her give up acting - when she teaches him to read by taking out the Bible and reading it with him. That's a poignant scene."
Wow! All that knowledge. Attention to detail. And me with my Lovefilm subscription & anally detailed spreadsheets of films I want to see: even I'm impressed. O, heck, maybe after he loses the election Johnny Mac'll start working as a film critic. Cos being critical, yeah, he's good at that, but it's never a good sign when you start feeling sorry for a politician ...

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