Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why I now understand what a *meme* is. Why the clue is in the spelling: me me...

See, I'm still a-discoverin what it is that the Blogerati do. What the whole frickin point is. Of the whole *sharing your mindburps* thing. There is a danger that everyone is SHOUTING and no one is listening. But that's cool, cos it's the *thought that counts* in a way. If it's theraputic, it's useful, if only to the person pissing thoughts into the wind. I should know. But yeah...
*What people do in the privacy of their own homes is up to them. So long as it doesn't hurt anyone.*

I was brought up to believe that these statements are true.

And of course there are communities of bloggers with like-minds and shared interests who read each other and comment. It seems, as I write this, that that might be nice. If you're a sheep shearer in New Zealand you can share your thoughts and experiences with a sheep dipper in North Wales; and a sheep enthusiast in Tokyo can look at the pictures. Happy is the man that finds a friend who will listen.

So I troll around the blog0web looking for a community to fall into, but I haven't found one yet. I'm standing outside in the rain scratching ideas onto the back of piece of wet cardboard. And I overhear talk of *Meme*, *Internet Meme*, *Meme Monday* - which leads me to find out about the
Noosphere, which leads me to not really understand and not really care...

So what is a Meme?
"A meme (pronounced /miːm/)[1] consists of any idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another by learning or imitation. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, gestures, practices, fashions, habits, songs, and dances. Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere in a manner similar to the contagious behavior of a virus. [Wiki]

So what is an Internet Meme?
"The term Internet meme is a neologism used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet.[1] The term is a reference to the concept of memes, although this concept refers to a much broader category of cultural information." [thanks again, Wiki, my bestest pal]

So it's some viral video passed from inbox to inbox; it's some daft person getting fame as brief and bright as a nightlight candle; it's endless quizes being passed from person to person. I saw a chain of Irish bloggers where they were challenging each other to photograph themselves in the bath (if you get what I mean: self-photographed, non-pr0nograghic). Sort of - wow - nice idea - if it's for Comic Relief. Or else, umm, am I allowed to ask... why?

You see more of the questiony me!!!me!!!s

People ask each other - or a computer? asks them - to ask themselves & pass on the chain-letter style questions to other bloggers - things like:
  1. How many pairs of shoes do you own? What is your favorite pair?
  2. Have you ever bought shoes online? Did they fit?
  3. What is the most you've spent on shoes? The least?
Obviously this isn't a questionaire I would want to get involved with on any level. I do own a pair of shoes. That seems the right amount. Only having one shoe would be silly. I also have a pair of wellies. Of course my shoes fit. And shoes always cost the same amount at Tommy Ball's Shoe Store. All Mr Ball's shoes retail at £9.99 or there abouts. So really, stupid question, again.

I understand it. O, I get it. It can be interesting, it can be - not...

It can make you think, it can make you want to click the little X on the right-hand corner of your browser window, and I guess it can make you want to join in. It can be used as a way of tapping into previously uncharted thoughts; it mostly seems as banal as fuck. But I can dig it. It's a framework, a constriction, a path - it's like a sonnet or a haiku where you have to follow the form. It gets you away from mindless verbiage but also insists that you answer the questions.

I'll have a go and to hell with the self-obsession: me me me me meme. Feel free, imaginary reader, to do likewise, but I suspect you have more self-respect. I do this for the [imaginary] team.....

Five Things (they call this one)

10 Years Ago I was:
* Younger? Does that count as an answer? Fucked if I know. Cycling everywhere.
* Living in a relatively nice house.
* Doing some bogus Internet/web design course.
* It might have been when I went on that holiday in the Autumn to Tenerife. That was odd.
* Ambitious but hopeless at the same time.

Five Things On My To-Do List Today:
* Write some novelage.
* Do some teachery lesson reflections/lesson plans/research for tomorrow's lesson.
* Make pizza or flapjacks at least.
* Murder the drummer boy next door.
* Definitely exercise my lazy body in some way. Pretty feeble output so far, I have to say. Skates need to be applied to feet if I'm going to get through this list. Damn. Perhaps I should be doing one of these things, hmmm?

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
* Fruit
* Nuts
* Rich Tea biscuits
* Human flesh
* Fruit loaf/rock cakes. I really would like a rock cake but I haven't had one since 1989 or there abouts. If I buy eggs I can have a go at making some. Put it on my to-do list.

Five Places I have Lived:
* On a settee in Cardiff for a year.
* With mad angry people in a variety of stinkholes in Manchester for far too long.
* Above a pizza shop in a North London suburb.
* In pain.
* On beaches & benches in France for a month; on a floor in Greece for a few months.

Five Jobs I Have Had:
* Cleaning the floor in a bakery
* Pizzaologist
* Reminiscence Workshop Leader (with *older* people in a hospital - I sort of argued with the other workers/*artists* & had to consider my position. I decided to consider telling them to fuck off. And telling them they were fuckin useless fuckin idiots. Instead I said something nice & said I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue being involved in the project etc...)
* Washer-upper at Butlins (and elsewhere - they wanted me to stay on - I was really fantastic. This was clearly my vocation.)
* I worked on my own in a big office on Christmas day on an Internet helpdesk for an I.S.P. that didn't seem to have any customers. Or none that wanted to speak to me at 50p a minute. I had a nice packed lunch.

Five Pet Peeves:
* My own laziness.
* Other people's thoughtlessness - particularly towards the noise, litter, smells and atmospheres they create. Don't they realise how delicate a flower I am?
* Appointments at the hospital where clearly from 8am they never have any intention of getting you in at the advertised time. It's just a bit of a joke to make sure you're not late. Everyone gets there 2 hours before they go in. It's kind of a powertrip really, I'm sure. Fuckers.
* The way I get distracted so easy.
* Winter. The end of British Summer Time. Every year = shit. Darkness. What a really rubbish idea. Peeves me off.

Five Things That Bring Me Joy:
* Good stuff- when I find it amongst the cultural plop that generally gets plopped out and labelled as *quite good*. When you like a book, a film, a recipe, a person - what's better than that? Or am I actually meant to mention specifics here?
* Homecooked vegetable lasagne with crunchy bits on top. Outstanding. Cooked for me.
* Achieving something worthwhile... Doesn't happen enough.
* Communing.
* Arriving somewhere on time. The other people not making me wait.

Well I got to the end. I may be the only one, but I'm still here, ready for a cup of tea... The world is going to heck in a handcart so perhaps the safest place to be is inside our own little brains...

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