Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why life was so much easier then: Google 2001. Why someone called *The Oracle Brad Lohr* invented The Arctic Monkeys...

It's the game for the whole family. Apart from the under-10s, they won't get it. Google 2001. Did you *exist* then?

I can never play the self-google game cos my name is too generic. But I can play it for others:

Arctic Monkeys:

RPGamer - Letters for November 9, 1999

The arctic monkeys are whistling while they train to become my evil army, the
penguins are having a ..... They'are ARCTIC monkeys, so they like the cold. ... - View old version on the Internet Archive

Go on, go back in time. Click on the "old versions". It's not that exciting, but how about this guy, what a joke, he'll never get anywhere.....

"Beware the heffalump

Bumbling Boris Johnson, plummy-voiced Spectator editor and minor media celeb, is
replacing heavyweight Michael Heseltine as the Tory candidate for Henley." [The Guardian, 2001]

Ahhh hindsight... Makes no difference...

Or does it?????

Now, I'm aware that I may have spelled Al Quieda wrong (so kill me! No, please don't), but look what a nice, lovely image it presented way back in 2001. The first *hit* (out of a grand total of about 12 pages) on Google:

The Islamic Calanderh- Tho Al Quieda, [quieda] : in Arabic means to sit and rest from traveling, or.
to settle in a place for a while. It is the second month of Hajj season. ... - View old version on the Internet Archive

*Sit and rest for a while.* How nice.

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  1. Aye, I existed then. Second hit on my maiden name, me. Page is gone now, sadly.