Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why the old gang are getting back together for one last job. Why Gordon Brown is my special friend.

Check it out! "Dear Mark."

My mate Gordy B. wrote a letter just to me. Just me. I don't think he bothered writing to anyone else. It looks pretty personal. It has my name at the top anyway. Pretty neat, huh? Jealousy. Thanks Gordo.

All of this, mainly cos of all the helpful advice and tips I've been giving him lately. Sad that he hasn't gone for the shaven head and angry schoolteacher idea I came up with, but this is definitely a start.

Find the most popular TV shows & blatantly copy em...

So many huzzahs for the Labs. They have finally caved in & gone for one of my ideas. This, finally will put them on the path to success. To make sure they don't get evicted from the Big Downing Street House in 2010. No one wants Davina & Jeremy Vine announcing Dave Cams as the winner. It's time for action. It's time for decisions. It's time for tv based plotlines.

John Prescott celebrating the return to cabinet of his friend, Peter, yesterday--->>>

So, whilst the Gordon Brown as The Apprentice boss idea seems to have gone on ice - as it is "no time for a novice." He has only gone n "sacked the bladdy lodda them" n reshuffled his team.

"Ed, you're moving over to Team Alpha with your brother David. Let's see how you go over there. And I expect a good performance from you lot this time. You've been a bladdy shower recently. It's time to prove you've got what it takes. Margaret, you're back on Excelsior. And we've got a new project manager this week. Alistair, you're bladdy lucky to still be here! I should of fired you weeks ago... Anyway, I'm putting Mandy in charge. Give experience a chance."

Gordy has decided to go with the *New Tricks* theme, I suggested.

New Tricks being the popular Sunday night detective show where grumpy old retired detectives Dennis Waterman (played by Peter Mandelson), James Bolam (Charles Clarke), and of course the gruff but loveable John Prescott (Alun Armstrong), waltz back into the modern world to use their olde worlde skills to solve all the ills of the scary modern world. Led of course by the redoubtable & still beautiful Margaret Beckett(Amanda Redman).

It's a massive ratings winner!!! How can this new plan not work?

p.s. the situation on the high street is already better since the return of Mandy. Look at that M&S pullover, doesn't that just make you wanna rush out and buy yourself a lovely red v-neck? Try getting away with that look, George Osbourne! Pshaw and for shame.....

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