Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why I am afraid to go to sleep.

I've been awake since dawn. I'm not sure whether to sleep and wake up to find out the news or struggle through the night. Whiney people are gabbing on the BBC. It's all a bit moot now, folks. It is all over bar the counting.

Do I have anything to add to the debate. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

I noticed at the last speech Bazza gave (the last one I saw - he's given about 8 gazillion in the last 24 hours) he seemed to have found his inner black orator. There's hints of Martin Luther King, shades of Jesse Jackson. It seems at times in the campaign he's been saying, shhhh, don't tell anyone I'm clever. Let's not do too much of this clever speechifying. O, and don't mention the black thing either. We won't have any gospel singing, I won't use too many big words; we'll have a bit of Bruce Springsteen, I'll keep it simple. Pretend none of that history ever happened. Just for a while. Just until we get a little bit closer.

Now it's like he knows he can breath out a little. Tell a few jokes. Smile more.

He's breathing out like a man loosening his waistband button after a particularly big meal. Phewwwwwwww. Let's just all relax here. Who cares what anyone thinks any more?

[edit edit edit boring boring boring]

Everyone's already thought all this, everyone's already said all there is to say, everyone's already everything - everything - everything has been discussed and surmised.

But this is life changing (for the world, if not for me specifically) and in the next few hours we're in limbo. So much will be expected of him and in some ways, it doesn't even matter what he does. He just is. He just has to be. And that's important enough.

Although he does have to win.

I've not felt like this since 1997 when I stayed up to watch Portillo.


At the moment it's McCain 16 / Obama 3

No - updated 3 seconds later - McCain 16 / Obama 49.

Where did those numbers come from. I've got to watch this.

Dateline: 10.26 GMT
Important update to this post.
And now over to Doughboy in our Longsight studio, what is your reaction to this historic win?

"Quite good int it? Quite pleased. Yeh. Nice. His kiddies get to have a dog as well. That's nice. Provided they don't buy a pitbull. And everyone can be friends again. Johnny Mac & his wife, Barbie Mac, can pop over for tea sometime round at the White House. They can all have a cup of tea and a crumpet. Have a bit of a laugh. Smashing. Who's that knocking at the door? Some lady in glasses, is it? Hurry, everyone, hide behind the sofa. Pretend we're not in. Shhhhhh. Is she still there? Just keep quiet, she'll go away eventually."

Thank you, Mr Doughboy, and for more news read a more reliable news source.


Coming next on NAFANTK: Dan Corbett - maverick genius or just some guy camping it up so students will post clips of him on YouTube, we have the verdict, right here...


  1. oh I can't work this. Where do I speak?


    I intended listening to this but the 746th mention of bush fatigue put me in a coma.

    Next was to suggest updating, but people might know now. It might just get mentioned. The world is a bit less broken today.

  2. do i have to edit it? really?
    i can't just say. ummm. hurrah.

    meh. I'm so over Obama. Yesterday's news.

    I just wanted to join in with the excitement. I have to admit I didn't stay up late. I will now return to the previously shallow and navel gazing bloggage that NAFANTK is (un)known for.