Friday, November 21, 2008

Why these kitchen cupboards give you so many clues.

Cupboard One

My house. 3 people living here. 4 cupboards. 1 person has 2 cupboards. I could give you character descriptions but that would be too obvious. Needless to say - lifestyle-wise - one of these people probably has too much time on their hands; one of them is very busy at work & the other one is very rarely even here (it's been 2 months I think).

I'm sure it's pretty easy to work out which is which. But who owns cupboard 4? And no, I'm not sure I even care. But I just like how different they are. They're like little short stories & although I probably shouldn't even be looking in there - can I say how endearing and beautiful they look. Can I say that? No. Okay, well I like them anyway.

Still lives of busy lives...

Cupboard Two

Cupboard Three

Cupboard Four


  1. oh, it ate my comment. How sad.


    Nutella cupboard: person who works too hard, limited diet, not interested in food.

    Messy cupboard (the nicest): person with too much time. Likes food, chooses ingredients, cooks.

    Other cupboard: absent housemate, all long life stuff.

    Now I'm going to get a life and curse you for writing about cupboards. I was all set with a kitchen cupboard blog and you did it first. Get.

  2. I like the second one - i see honey (I think.. of the clouded variety..), some sort of sweet chilli/ branston type sauce, and bottles of random stuff.
    Now THATS how you make a meal! haha.

    its funny how different they are. You should just take pictures of them from now until december and see how they change. I doubt they would change much, but it will give you something to do when you are bored at least :P

  3. see i'm seeing a *meme* here. photos on various blogs of your cupboards and anyone else's you can sneak a peek of.

    a picture of Britain('s cupboards)

    no pre-tidying up now. no stocking up on organic tofu. if it's a chocolate cupboard it's a chocolate cupboard as so much the more individual...

  4. I didn't like any of them. there were no teabags........

  5. The tea bags are by the kettle where they belong