Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why thoughts of blogging can go violently wrong before they even become interweb pages (caution: the following blog contains a crying puppy).

So I got carried away with my new camera and my cupboard love.

I'm a little bit afraid in the house at the moment as I stupidly took a photo of next door's puppy standing whining by their back door in the rain where it's been for the past hour. It was there at 7am, but it may have been out in the meantime. It may have been frolicking in the park. Who knows. I'm not sure what it's been doing in the meantime as thankfully my room is at the front of the house.

My friend told me when I started using this camera: you don't need to use the flash. But I'm an amateur and I'd been photographing dark cupboards. I have trouble focusing. So there were a couple of flashes. The little wet dog jumped and barked at me.

I thought there was no one in their house. I mean, how else could you stand to live with that little dog pining and whining by the back door?

I made an error.

Two minutes later I've come back in and thankfully locked all the doors. I'm writing an enquiry to the RSPCA just to find out what the law is. If there is anything I or anyone else can do. I see no beating, I see no starving, no chains. Just sadness and I hear the whines every time I go into the bathroom. How horrible is that? Brushing your teeth at 7am: whine whine whine, scratch at the door, whine whine.


My camera flashing was not ignored.

Someone is pounding at the front door. Fist thumping against the metal. No, sounds more like a foot. And now they've discovered the bell. Ringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Ringggggg.

Do they think I''m going to answer? Really? If they just pound the door a little louder, maybe?

They're not giving up. Bang bang. Thumping the front door for the past 15 minutes. Literally. What kind of rational behaviour does that display? They stopped for a minute. Then it started again. Possibly the husband or someone with bigger fists. More banging.

No, do they really think, after 20 minutes, I'm finally going to hear them and go down and ask what they want? Are they selling me double-glazing? Or is it a close personal friend come to visit?

No. I know they want to scream at me. I know they want to hit me. They might not actually assault me, but I'm sure they'd like to if they were allowed. But they're not. It's the law. So it's fine. We'll have to see. It's not a comfortable feeling. But unless they break the windows or the doors I'm going nowhere. But my stomach is churning.

All I did was take a photo. All they did was buy a dog then leave it outside in a back yard all the time. A dog that I hear whining to be let in at 7am. Why get a dog if all you're going to do is dump it outside? It's probably not loud enough for me to complain to the council about it. It's probably not cruel enough - or is it cruel at all arguably:
  • the dog'll get learn to get used to being outside
  • that's how you train a puppy
  • it's only a dog
  • a dumb animal.
  • it's not that cold & it's got a fur coat

Although this family did have another dog earlier about 9 months ago, and that was a whole other story. There were many complaints about that dog. It was big and it was loud and it frequently escaped. It walked all day in tight little chained up circles slowly garrotting itself before it managed to work out how to untie itself. Eventually it escaped, neighbours complained about the noise to the council, the dog warden picked up the dog and the dog never came back. Not a happy ending.

But that's all history. Forgive and forget.

I'll probably get hit by the man and definitely get an *earful* off the wife and probably the kids. But those are the breaks.

I'll be telling the nice door-thumping people from next door that it was such a lovely cute little dog "I really just *couldn't* resist taking a picture."

So why are they so angry? Why is taking a photo of a dog such a bad thing? Okay, it's on private property. But the RSPCA recommend taking photos on their website.

So yeah, I'm sure I'm over reacting. I'll just live with the sound of a puppy whining as I brush my teeth. I must ask my flatmate how well he's sleeping. And I'll see what the RSPCA have to say. I don't want to be complainy guy. I've not reported them for the drumming after all. I live and let live. And just whinge...

But this is my pre-violence insurance. My evidence is here first & the pictures of the puppy have been disguised to avoid any offence to any innocent canines. Perhaps I'm wrong. I'm sure I'll not hear anything more. From humans or the puppy. We'll see......


  1. I am increasingly starting to believe that pets that aren't fish and the owning thereof should be outlawed.

    I had a neighbour that did that: get up, put dog out. Dog yaps. Dog yaps some more. And more. Poor wee mite was simply barking to get let in. If you don't want a dog in the house, don't get a dog. I never ever left my dog outside, she'd have had a coronary.

  2. Oh I hate this sort of thing. I have fallen out with neighbours over the way they treat their animals. If something is wrong I will tell them so, and am not afraid of doing it.

    There is a dog at the back of my house. It seems to live outside all day while the owner is at work. If an ambulance goes by the dog howls at the siren. When the owner comes home from work the dog goes mad and the guy tells it to shut up!

    We have had words. He is in no doubt about my feelings regarding his treatment of this dog. I shout abuse if I hear him telling it off and I don't bloody well care.

    People like your neighbours are no more than ignorant morons. Someone should just take their dog away........