Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why you should never trust weather forecasters. Why the weather at Stoodley Pike is always like this.

The jury is out on the grand Daniel Corbett debate (well, perhaps debate is too grand a word for it: short conversation between a few carefully invited guests....) And the upshot is this: "Sunday, scattered showers... bla de bla bla." Scattered?

Scattered, my friend? Thanks to my new camera I can provide empirical evidence that showers were not scattered. Or certainly they weren't where I was. They were concentrated and serious about the matter. Relentless. Pounding. End-of-the-worldish. That sort of showers. God had a power shower and he left it running while he went out to the shops. He came back and everyone was drenched. Me especially. So don't give me your "scattered showers" malarky.

I give you evidence - or the best I could manage without taking tiny photographs of tiny raindrops. And did they mention the wind? Did I actually listen?

And I admit that the forecast that I heard & that emboldened me to walk up into the hills was not actually from Mr Corbett. It was from some Radio weather forecaster chap. Damn him. I hope he's going to clean my boots for me. Hmmm. Unlikely...


  1. weather forecasts are like doctors.

    ie "you might feel a scratch" = "this will hurt a bit"
    "this might hurt a little" = "this is going to be agony"
    "this is going to hurt" = "I can't believe I'm doing this without anaesthetic"

    Likewise with weather, a chance of rain means certain soaking and scattered showers means ongoing torrents.

    Rain's good, everything shines in the rain. Love the weather. Love it. Love it more than that.

  2. easy to say lady from the warm comfort of your palatial mansion house. not so easy to *believe* as it gets darker and the wind is blowing you over and your feet are soaked because you've been walking in ankle deep mud.
    but y'know. it looks nice from inside a car. it's less fun when you're standing at a bus stop. and you've forgotten your brolly.

    call me a pessimist if you like, but I give you my quote of the day:

    The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.
    - George F. Will

    I like rain. Just not cold windy rain when you realise that those cheap waterproof trousers you bought - they're *showerproof*. Anyway, I'm not complaining. It's over now. It was all just a ruse to show off my first ever photos. I have a new camera! I celebrate that. Now to work out how to use it and all will be well in the world...

  3. That is patently not loving the weather.

    Loving the weather is choosing to wade through mud and not complaining.

    "Nice" weather does not good photos make.

  4. Clueless Person of the day:
    write above comment, post pictures of distinctly unrainy day.