Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Why Iggy?

Oh. There's nothing more likely to cheer me up than a rock star advertising an inappropriate product. There was Johnny Rotten with his rancid Ingerlish butter, now here's the Iggster advertising insurance. Isn't it just lovely? Well at least he's not advertising butter, cos that would just be a little bit too Marlon Brando. Johnny Rotten is one thing, but Iggy? No.

So yeah, insurance, that makes sense. Insurance companies know what they're doing, right? There's AIG the biggest insurance company in the world going virtually bust before the US government bailed it out for $85 billion after it did loads and loads of really stupid insurance deals.

And now Swiftcover.com have Iggy Pop fronting their new ad campaign! Genius! I love it!

It's a beautiful thing. It makes me laugh so much I want to dance half naked whilst juggling kitchen knives. Excellent!

Don't worry! I'm insured!

The young Pop used to be known for pushing, "the boundaries of stage performance... Inventing the stage-dive in Detroit, rolling around in broken glass, exposing himself to the crowd, and vomiting on stage." [Wiki] He had a thing about cutting himself on stage with knives, but y'know, everyone's gotta have a hobby. What do you expect a rock god to do, play golf? Oh...

As he said of himself, "I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me." [Iggy quotes]

Now he says, "Looking for the cheapest car insurance? Time is money. Save it. 100% online car insurance means a faster service - instant, no hassle, car insurance cover." [swiftcover.com]

With Iggy's help we can rebuild the economy one dodgy insurance company at a time. Double genius.

Tina Shortle, marketing director at swiftcover.com, said, "The new campaign is an exciting step for swiftcover.com. We feel this new and unique approach reflects our positioning as a young and innovative company." Young, yes. The youth are going to love this advert with the alarming 61 year old man with the remarkable torso and beautifully lived-in face.

I think I'm missing something here. It's all too clever for me. Ex-self harming heroin addict rock star needs insurance. So I guess I'm not gonna get turned down then, am I? That must be it. They'll insure anyone. Just like AIG did - and that strategy worked, yeah ... hurrah!!!


  1. I would rather see ten of Iggy than one more ad for some old age pensioners death policy by Michael Parkinson or that other coffin dodger - Michael Winner.

    Haven't they got enough money? Parky has lost all credibility for me now.

  2. Well I have to say I weirdly love Michael Winner as well. Because he knows how ridiculous he is (doesn't he? Well I hope he does...)

    Parky lost all credibility for me when he got upset about Emu attacking him. He should have just punched Rod Hull and had done with it.
    Although they still show his interviews with Mohammed Ali, so he was a great interviewer once.

  3. I once saw Iggy in a TV interview, and I was very impressed with how well-spoken he is. Never in a million years had I expected that.