Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why PIE - a month by month guide to the art of pie-making - part 1 of 12

Indeed, why pie? Well why not pie. Given all the New Year's resolutions you can make: losing weight, exercise, reading books bla bla bla. Eat more pie.

And make more pie. I have been set a task. One pie a month (minimum).

So. Start simple. Apple and blackberry. Go on the bbc website and look at about 5 recipes. Then think nah, I'll just have a go. Put some lemon juice on the apples for some reason (to 'acidify' them). Then, cos I want a proper PIE pie - with a lid and a bottom - I have to bake the base first with baking paper and it says to put *rice* on top of the paper. To stop it rising? Well, I used mung beans. I'm never gonna eat em. They're not nice. And it worked. Except the walls - the side bits - sort of shrunk a bit. So it's more of a pie sandwich. Not that it matters. It is a pie. And it shouldn't be perfect or else there'd be no way to improve. I tried to improve it at the end. One of the recipes said sugar on top. Then grill it. I burnt it. Nice

February's pie will have homemade pastry. How exciting/or not* (*delete as appropriate).

p.s. note to self. Very filling. Be less greedy.

p.s. note to bakers. Any useful advice welcomed.


  1. you're doing away fine without baker's tips, that's a fine looking pie.

  2. I agree. That pie looks damned fine to me! Custard... that's what you need now......

  3. you're pie is a treat for the eye! I am no good at baking, although I love it - it sucks. I might try to get better, so you will have to give very descriptive instructions of how you are making it! haha.
    and now a song from the movie Michael -
    "Pie pie, me oh my, nothing tastes sweet wet salty and dry, all at once oh when its pie- APPLE, PUMPKIN, mince or mack bottom, I come to your place everyday if you got em, pie, me oh my, I love Pie"

    I don't know if those words are right, but its a fair example of how much I do like pie...

  4. mack bottom pie? that sounds a little odd, Sam.

    Everyone loves pie. It's official!