Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why PIE - Goat's cheese, onion & pepper flan - part 2 of 12

The challenge to make a pie every month continues - just sneaking in to this stupidly short month. Although some of the ingredients were a little past their sell-by date. So I may be gloriously sickly by tomorrow. But no sign of any problems yet, so I'm guessing all is well. Sell-by dates? Eggs? Goats' cheese? (Goat's - is that where the apostrophe goes? Is it the produce of one goat or several, I say, just one goat, that goes by the name of Jessie.) Yes, eggs and cheese about um 10 days out of date. But no one cares about that. The problem was I forget to buy double cream. And then forgot again. So it was almost the end of the month. How highly interesting this is....

Here are my photos to prove I did do it. Managed to burn the edges a bit. And not sure the squidgy pie element is meant to be that squidgy. I am an amateur....


  1. Ooh, you made pie! That looks well impressive. Yum.

    You truly are a pastry chef!

  2. If you eat all of that Pie, you are in danger of Pie-ling on the weight, and you might find you then Pie-n for another ........

    Do you think Pie-thagorus made a pie like that before he developed his theorem?


  3. I couldn't eat all of that pie. It was far too rich for me. Next pie i will have to actually invite someone or some two over to eat the thing.

    No more double cream pies for me.

    January's pie 7/10. February's 5/10.
    Could do better.

    Perhaps I can invite Piethagorus round to do a bit of eating and drawing triangles.