Monday, March 09, 2009

Why everyone should buy the new album by Law Enforcement in Nicaragua

Seriously you should.

It's really amazing. It's one of those albums that you've never heard before but have always been waiting for. 5*****s. No, it's even better than 5Star. Although it doesn't make you want to dance or throw up quite so much.  I'd highly recommend it. I really would.

Were it not some made-up joke. Yes, it's this clever thing:

And it has amused me no end. For 20 minutes of stupid playing about. My band are a slightly earnest, serious environmentally conscious low-fi group of bearded men and flute playing women from Arkansas. They frown a lot and worry about the world. And yet play quite jaunty, mournful folk tinged odes about first girlfriends and lonely farmers.

Hit the Wikipedia random page for the band name.

Hit the Wikipedia random quote for the title. Oh, but read the rules if you're at all interested. Flickr provides the image.

Obviously, I need to get out more or do something useful, but in the meantime. Buy this album. It's great. And better than yours. By far.

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  1. John Duha - A Personal Record.

    How decking boring is THAT?