Monday, April 06, 2009

Why is it so hard to say hello after a long time

You know that thing where you've not spoken to someone for ages and you just think, ummm, this is gonna be awkward... Your auntie, your sister, your ex-bessie mate - you haven't spoken to em for months - years - and now you have to cos a) you just feel guilty or b) they have something you want - or even c) you do quite like them and really should say hello. It's not easy.

What's even weirder is people you see every day at work or in the bakery at lunchtime, always the same person queuing up behind you. Do you continue to treat them like strangers or do you eventually give them a friendly nod. Then hopefully get talking, fall in love and marry them? It's a tough call getting started though.

But people that are your friends that you've not spoken to in a long time - do you just phone up or pop round and say hi? They're going to have a bit of a go at you, aren't they? Ask you where you've been. Where were you when Uncle Ernie had all those problems with the police? Etc. So yeah, best just to get over with it. That's what I'm doing right now. Just getting on with it. Hello, blog, long time no see. How've you been? Not busy? I bet. Feeling ignored. Umm, yeah, sorry about that. One thing and another, bla bla.

No one believes excuses, and quite rightly, they're usually hollow and unconvincing. Here are mine, and I'm sorry blog, but you can choose to scoff and ignore them, it's entirely up to you:

1. More operation time. Annoying these mystery operations. That I choose not to divulge, but I'm not dead, so that's that. Dull.

2. Here's a good reason right - this blog has my name on it - and 2 weeks ago this event happened that was, well mindblowing isn't the word - but certainly - a story worth telling. Something that doesn't happen every day. At least not to me. But I can't even allude to it without making it blinking obvious what happened. It was very funny. That's all I can say. Other than being very cryptic and expressing events in the form of a quadratic equation, this: x + y = z (lol) . You had to be there. I was. And YOU dear blog, will never know.

3. There was also the post entitled: Why Gibraltar should be turned into a penal colony and towed out into the middle of the sea. My sister was getting married over there. She lives in Tenerife, so errr, wanted a British wedding certificate thingy and Gibraltar is nearest. Apparently you only need to be in Gib for 24 hours before they'll give you a wedding licence. It's ideal for shotgun weddings. Although I'm not thinking my sister ... no, that would make no sense. But it worked for John & Yoko so it must be alright. Now that's a fact I've just learnt...

In short: Gibraltar - is where you get cheap booze and fags. It's like Netto by the sea. It's a bit pointless that we still own it. I'm sure there's a point but it must be that the navy want a port there. Why haven't Spain invaded? Or maybe they did then decided they didn't really want it. I can't blame em. Cheap booze to take away, but the most expensive beans on toast I've ever had the displeasure of suffering. Beans are meant to be in tomato sauce, not watery gloop. £3.80 in pounds sterling? Are you sure?

Lots of things happened but most of them were in-jokes and would make no sense to outsiders. I stayed in a massive and massively empty apartment complex 10km outside of Gib with my 2 nephews (20 & 21) and my neice and her friend (24 x 2). It was very funny and silly but wouldn't translate. No one would know how funny AIDs and clown cars could be. It just doesn't work. And having now seen stills from the film 'Edward Penishands' I have to say I'm very disappointed. Not as funny as I imagined it. See. Makes no sense.

4. Lame excuses continuing - how many of these am I going to do? Let's say 5 as a maximum. Number 4: school work. That's really rubbish. Oh, yeah, I did write a blog, but my dog ate it. And then I wrote another one but I left it on the bus. Yeah. Rubbish.

So where was I dear bloggy space? What did I miss? Riots, death, sport, weather - yeah, the world survived without me.

And I still haven't got a new flatmate. I'm trying to do the moving-out thing. All my energies into escape. A tunnel is being dug. Houses have been looked at. 2009 - it's gonna be my year - it's pre-ordained. It has been guaranteed to me by an oracle. So that's that then.

I'm going to find something to get angry or happy about and then return armed with some words of wiseness. Then probably bake a pie. It's about time...


  1. Top tips:

    talk to everyone all the time

    bake a pie. where was march's pie? eh? we need more pie blog.

    I can't remember anything else.

  2. I had a friend. She was my best friend. We grew up together, and lived together when I was much younger. No-one could say anything bad about her to me, I would not believe a word of it. I would defend her to the last. That is what friends are for isn't it?

    We grew up, got married, had children. Good things happened to both of us, and bad things too. two of her siblings - her older brothers died within a year or so of each other. It was tough on her, and even tougher or her mum.

    Then I was outed as a working girl by evil people in this industry and the gossips in my town tore me to pieces.

    She, never said a word to me about any of it. if she had asked me outright, I would have told her the truth, but she didn't.

    She didn't understand. She stopped calling me. She judged me like everyone else did.

    She was supposed to be a friend.

    When my sister died, I called her. She knew her too. We had all been friends together when we were younger. One call, and she could not be bothered to come and see me, or even send a card.

    I was shopping the other day and as I got into my car, I spotted an older woman looking at me. I had no idea who it was, so I paid no attention. I started to drive off, and then it suddenly hit me like a brick who it was. She was looking at me intently. I looked away.

    She was not a true friend, and to say 'hello' to her would have been wrong.

    Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs sleep.

    S x x

  3. I bake a mean cheese and onion pie, but it is fattening :)