Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why do women like Katie Price / Jordan?

Hurrah. Jordan aka Katie Price is single. I'm single. She's rich, I'm poor. Errr - yeah. What a great couple we'd make!!! They should make a reality tv show about the two of us. *When Jordan met some other random fella* - be a big hit, I reckons! Except she's *apparently* got someone else already, so I'm not needed. He owns a horse, or has horselike qualities, so I've no chance.

Huh. Disappointment is rife. It's like finding out that Jodie Foster was gay - it's not like I fancy her that much, and it's not like we'll ever meet, but y'know, there was always the chance that Jodie'd pop into the Lidl in Rusholme & our eyes would meet on the *Weekly Specials* aisle.

"Wow," she'd say, "these hammer drills are a real bargain at only £39.49!"
"I know,
" I would reply, trying to be cool and not make it obvious that I'd fancied her a bit since Bugsy Malone. "And have you seen the step ladders? They only extend to 4 feet but still a bargain at £24.99. Ideal for when putting up a few shelves with your new hammer drill. Say, Jodie, do you mind if I ask you a question?"
"Yes, mysterious stranger man? What is it?"
"Fancy goin for a pint of beer, then maybe a curry with the possibility of sexual congress at some stage down the line? Or not?"

But clearly, Jodie being a lesbian, that's never going to happen, so I'm turning my attentions to Katie Price/Jordan. (In fact, if I haven't read this the wrong way, the Pope himself, one of the world's top celibates, has indicated he has more than an interest in Katie...)

But really, back in the *so-called* real world. Katie Jordan Price? If she was sunbathing topless in the back yard, I'd close the curtains. Alright, I'd have a quick look & take about a thousand photos for mercenary reasons, but Jordan has never been the one for me. If only for that old reason that she'd probably "eat me alive". If reality TV ever plonked us together on a desert island - she might possibly eat me alive & then burp loudly. Y'know, fair enough, she's a strong woman. And very rich. Respect on some levels.

And it's sad that her possibly real relationship with her clearly unhappy husband has ended. I saw him on breakfast news before the London marathon and they asked him how hard it was to live with Katie. His poor puppy dog face smudged its way down into his chest and he talked about her being an insane amazing character or something. And that he loved her & he was really looking forward to spending almost 8 hours running the marathon with her. He was like the hen-pecked man in a Blackpool seaside post card. You have to respect the man. On some levels.

But how did she get to be who she is? This double-named person, this twice fictional character that is is now so beloved by many women and probably small girls who, like Miley Cyrus, think that '
pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude.' I don't fully understand it. So *feminine* and yet so utterly scary to a wimpy man like me.

How do you explain her to an alien? Or a high court judge? "Who precisely is this Jordan Katie Price creature?"

Is she a fairy tale princess? Cinderella with big b00bs? We all love a good fairy tale or nursery rhyme:
  • The Ugly Duckling Susan Boyle - *My goodness, you're not an ugly duckling - you're a beautiful singer!*
  • Ring a-ring o' roses, A pocketful of posies. A-tissue!, a-tissue!. We all fall down dead with swine flu.
  • The Three Little MP Pigs - with their houses made of straw, venality and creative accountancy.
She was a pretty page 3 girl. Then she had a massive pair of mammorials fitted. So she was very popular amongst 14 year old boys that had never actually seen an actual naked woman (which you might blame on their fathers). She had some problems with men. Then other problems with her health and her children. She kept very busy, then wrote it all down in a series of autobiographies & novels. The triumph through adversity fairy tale is always a popular one. And like other outliers and exceptionally successful people like Bill Gates & Richard Branson, she has always managed to change and stay one or three steps ahead of the competition. I don't think Samantha Fox ever got this popular or did so much.

Hey! I wonder if I might stand a better chance with Sam Fox???? Hmmm, I wonder...

Jordan just had her timing so right. She was there for the start of the lad mag revolution; she was superb for Heat & OK! magazine - falling out of nightclubs and having ill-advised relationships on a weekly basis; she got in there when misery memoirs were all the rage. And now, with the credit crunch hitting she's gonna start going out with a bloke who cleans out horses. It's so now...

And she's an icon to a certain class of women. Katie doesn't take any shit from anyone. She has nice pink clothes. I think that's about the size of it.

Sorry. I feel like a terrible sexist. She's not aimed at me and never was even when she was permanently semi-naked. And now I guess it's the fact that she had bad things happen and 'came out the other side' that appeals to women. I guess it's the fact that like Jade Goody & Kerry Katona, Katie Price is a representative of a group of working class women that aren't usually famous. They didn't get much schooling, they didn't have any singing or acting ability & yet Katie n Kerry n Jade made it into Celebrityland.

Role models: everyone has to have one. Perhaps Katie Price can teach these women not to be push-overs, to fight for what they want, to not take any shit from anyone. Is she a feminist icon or just a woman redesigned by doctors and make-up technicians to look like a parody of someone's ideal of femininity? Is she Doctor Frankenstein & the beautifully designed creature in one tiny, yet massive body? Is she as abnormal a vision of beauty as Michael Jackson, or just a pretty girl with hair extensions and a liberal coating of orange fake tan.


  1. I think women like her because she has never once stopped being who she is... never once has she compromised herself for the sake of anything at all.
    She is interesting, because she has an opinion, and is not afraid to say it, and she appears to manage to live with the celebrity status but at the same time be a mother to all of her children.

    She is flawed. She is her own best friend/worst enemy combined, and that is what has driven her guy away, but in being flawed she is human, and that is why women like her.
    She is vulnerable and suffers from low self esteem, or why else would she keep on having surgery?

    I think she has the most beautiful face btw.

    How could you not like her? You have to admire her for her tenacity, and yet at the same time she makes you smile when she comes out with some daft remark.

    She's an institution innit :)

  2. I'd agree that she is pretty, or would be more if she wore less make-up (without wishing to sound like someone's dad). I think you're right though, it's the vulnerability and the strength that makes her an interesting character. She is like the classic soap opera heroine in that way. She's Dynasty relocated to Essex.

  3. Uh.
    She is beloved by the OK/Heat/Grazia buying population, which is not the same as "women".

    People who like fake plastic people like a fake plastic person. Shocker.

    And yes, it is the flaky vulnerability thing. Be flaky: be loved. Be strong and real: be lonely.

  4. MD, I wasn't suggesting for one minute that *all* women like her. only that I was slightly shocked that *any* women accepted her as an icon - as the same thing never happened to Samantha Fox or other Page 3 girls I don't know the names of. She did make an incredible impossible leap from male lust object (apparently), to (some) women's heroine, style icon, author, and favourite reality celebrity. She stands out because there has been no one quite like her before. She's like Lady Di with a boob job.

  5. It remains true that the readership of the despicable Hello/Hi/OK/Please/Cheers/Ciao/Grazia/Some-other-snappy-happy-one-word-meaningless-title-magazine they're called is primarily female.

    So, yeah, women. And if Hiya tells us we have an icon, Ho and Lebold, we have an icon.

    I don't understand it one iota, I find it very difficult to care about people who do nothing. I can see "real" people in Asda. I can see inspirational people among those that could theoretically be my friends. These people do nothing other than look pretty - and Jordan is beautiful even if she was much more so au naturel - why admire or care what they do? Why? Really, why? Are we now going to hero worship Joanna Lumley, who actually DID something? Or will we keep being inundated with the minutae of Cheryl Cole's completely uninteresting life. Hmmmm. Let's see who's mentioned most next month. I have a lot more time for, say, Sarah Brown, than any of the shiny happy flawless faces on the shiny happy flawed magazines.

    I've lost most of this now. I hope it made sense.

    Fact is: the general public like/dislike who they're told to. Why they choose to listen is a mystery, but they do.

  6. How has there been no one like her before?
    She's a formula and has many predecessors, some of whom did a little more than look pretty, and plenty who didn't even manage to look pretty.

  7. Katie Price, Princess Di, Cheryl Cole, Nigella Lawson are all female icons in one way or another.

    And they all make play on their appearance, the sex appeal thing.

    You could argue that it is a trap women perpetuate themselves because it is largely women who look up to them.

    Yet women resent being seen as sex objects by men but woe betide us all if we don't find Nigella sexy or whatever.

    The irony is that I have never fancied any of them;

    Katie Price seems too self-obsessed and humourless.

    Princess Di; the same and if she'd put on that doe-eyed look in my presence I would have found it funny rather than appealing.

    Cheryl Cole is too skinny

    And Nigella's false modesty irritates.

    I would imagine a dinner date with any of them would have had them all more concerned with how the rest of the restaurant saw them.....other women.

    A woman like Anne Widdecombe, Germaine Greer or Jade Goody would be far more fun. They were/are themselves with a lot less care for their appearance.

    I think a lot of women miss that when looking to their icons and some men miss that when looking for a woman.

    I disagree that Katie et al have done nothing to get where they are.

    There are lots of pretty women who haven't and I imagine it takes a fair deal of business acumen and hard work to be a celebrity, and even more so to stay one.

    I think we have to acknowledge that it is a 21st century career.

  8. Apologies doughboy, there would seem to be little point on commenting in this private chat.

  9. MD: "Why? Really, why?" That's the question. Let's say that she divides opinion & personally if she decided to retire, I wouldn't miss her - although as I don't read OK! I don't notice her that much on a day-to-day basis. She strikes me as very hard-faced - which I guess is one of the things people like about her: she's a fighter. But she does always seem to be shouting at someone.
    And I'm not sure the 'general public' like who they're told to. Because, how would you attempt to market a topless model to women? As an idea it's like marketing vegetarianism to butchers. Or the other way around - or a perhaps another analogy would work better...
    A Write Blog: "Anne Widdecombe, Germaine Greer or (the late) Jade Goody" would make for an interesting cup of tea & a chat, no doubt. And it's true that the Jordan ---> Katie P. journey/career is now seen as a real career/dream for some young women. Get your kit off for Nuts--->> marry a footballer--->>Wedding in OK!--->>Cheating & divorce in Heat... then write a book about it and make a guest appearance on Loose Women. And then we could *bla bla bla* about how people should see teachers & nurses as role models, but there's not much point, right. I'm trying to avoid posting Grumpy Old Man blogs, though sometimes I can't help it...

  10. You answer your own question. Jordan appeals to women, those that she appeals to for two reasons, one of which you just stated:
    1) aspirations that they too could do it, they could be the next It Dummy.
    2) she's a mother. Women like mothers as long as they love their children. Which isn't hard to do. A tearful "I want to do the best for my babies" warms the maternal cockles.

  11. MD said...
    She is beloved by the OK/Heat/Grazia buying population, which is not the same as "women".

    People who like fake plastic people like a fake plastic person. Shocker.

    And yes, it is the flaky vulnerability thing. Be flaky: be loved. Be strong and real: be lonely.

    MD, I do not read these magazines, unless I happen to be at the doctor's and there is one in the waiting room :)

    I have formed an educated opinion by observing how Jordan behaves, and listening to what she says. She is completely honest IMHO, and I find her refreshingly so.

    I think she does not pose a threat to other girls, in the same way that Jodie March doesn't for example... but she is still out there being an attractive woman, with a career, looking after her family, and surviving.

    Women admire other woman who survive. Women tend not to like women who live like parasites.. such as footballers wives for example.

  12. Sarah, I was indicating where Jordan's presence is and so where her popularity would seem to lie. She doesn't pop up on Newsnight all that often. I'm not making any suggestions about you any more than doughboy was with his reference to "women".

    Surviving isn't admirable, it's necessary. Those who don't survive are not cowardly or lesser, they just didn't survive. Most are survivors. Most don't bang on about it, or struggle through with only millions to prop them up. Those that are admirable enable others to survive. It could be argued that it is inspirational to see other come through the other side of toughness, but my sympathy always dwindles when someone demands it from me by plastering it all over every cover in the shop. There's more poignancy in each and every one of our own close circles.

  13. One thing this little debate has made me think about is this.

    The different critera that men and women seem to have when it comes to their own icons.

    Women seem look to icons for what they are, what they represent. A sort of character assessment is involved in it. Katie Price doesn't do much other than being Katie Price, as far as I can see.

    Men tend to look to what their icons do, not who they are; sportsmen, musicians and suchlike. They judge their perfomances on individual tasks and tend not to be interested in the rest of the icon's personality.

    It's a generalisation, of course, and I don't claim that one is better than the other.

  14. A write blog: did you actually read the "little debate"? I've been arguing that one should look up to women who have done something admirable.

    Just thought I'd point that out.

  15. MD; I did read that; did you read mine? I made it clear I was generalising. You are obviously an exception.

    I was basing it on the kind of icons that women tend to look to as opposed to the kind of icons that men look to.

  16. There are many iconic women... women who have done something admirable and society had benefited from it... I agree.. but this is about Katie price. What she has done, is show other women that good looks and all the rest are no detriment to success..No?.. and at the same time has not ostracised herself from other women.

    She has a disabled child, and has that child in the forefront of he life.. he is not pushed out. He could have been detrimental to her career, but because she is who she is, with the 'take me or leave me' attitude, she has shown that there is a place for disabled people in society, in a far better way than any TV programme could have done. She has raised awareness if you like, and still been recognised for the person she is..

    That is why women like her.. she has done well in spite of adversity, and yes she is a survivor in a celebrity world.

  17. AWB: sorry, that last one came out as a bit more aggressive than intended. I don't think it is fair to say that women look for character instead of achievement. I think that applies to a particular type of woman, the type who worship at the altar of celebrity. Which, I hope isn't representative of womankind. We don't tend to iconise women in sport because mostly they're not very good at it. Kelly Holmes is definitely an icon, far more than Katie Price.

    Sarah: you don't represent the type of women I'm talking about either, you're speaking from an informed perspective. I do think you feel more empathy than admiration for Ms Price however. There's a world of difference between liking someone and admiring their strength of character and actually considering them an icon.

  18. I would suggest that the first thing to crop up in anyone's mind re Katie Price is not anything to do with her disabled son.

    The same would apply to David Cameron too and the thousands of others, including many in the limelight.

    People will look to David Cameron for what he will do, not what has happened to him.

    There is a big difference.

    I'm also ambivalent about the 'take me or leave me' attitude that so many seem to look up to.

    That, to me, is part of the 'me' culture.

    Put more crudely it parallels the attitude of 'fuck you, I'll do what I want no matter how it affects you' which I think does so much harm to society.

    We live in a society where we all depend on each other and we cannot behave as though other people's opinions don't matter.

    They do.

    If they didn't we wouldn't blog would we :)

    As for ostracising herself from other women? I mentioned her to my daughter last night; I thought she was going to hae a fit. :0

    I don't have a lot of respect for her. Anyone with her wealth who charges £3 a month so that you can join her fanclub is not for me.

    Now there is an idea for us all.

    Charge each other for visiting each other's blogs; as if.

  19. No problems MD.

    I'll try to illustrate the different criteria thing I tried to explain.

    Take Wayne Rooney; men are interested in his footballing technique. His character is of little interest to tehm; it is a side issue. He would be famous whether or not he was married to whatever her name is.

    At least in men's eyes he would be.

    That can be a narrow way of looking at thing; it will disregard serious charater flaws.

    Women will look to the whole picture. It can be a better way of doing it but sometimes gets sidetracked into the celebrity culture thing. They want to know something about the person as well as what that person does.

    I stress; I do not think either is better but I do think there is a marked diffrence; generalising of course :)

  20. I don't think it's an either/or thing - with the exceptions of footballers, virtually no women idolise footballers for any reason other than aesthetics, ie not Rooney. I think women feel empathy in a way men don't. But I think that's additional, not instead of having heroes who are great in what they do. Trouble with female heroes, there aren't a lot of women who do great things. Those that do are revered by all, but most greatness is achieved by men. I think all of my real heroes, past and present, are male. That's possibly sexist - women who achieve greatness in business or politics tend to be hated, women like Karen Blixen are largely dismissed as hippy types - or it might be simply genetic make up, we don't have the competitiveness to be truly great.

    I do think women don't usually have heroes in the same way men do, which concurs with your "whole picture" thing, and I think I'm going in circles now. There's three things:

    Hero worship, mostly confined to men
    Envy/wish to emulate, both sexes do this
    Empathy and perceived "connection", women only.

  21. You make some good points MD.

    Here's a view.

    Men tend to focus more on one thing, hence the focussing on that specific ability to do something eg sport either as hero worship or in the doing of it. Women are more likely to look at the whole person, the whole situation. That ability enables them to empathise but it also diffuses their focus.

    It's why you are more likely to get a man to be able to achaive greatness in a narrow field and thus become a hero.


    As to women achieving greatness being hated? That has two reasons I think.

    I'll use Margaret Thatcher as an example, there are plenty of others.

    She entered a male arena and that unsettles men. Not only that, women play by diffrent rules. The male answer is to play the mysoginy card.

    Women saw in her a challenge to their own role. And women do each other the greatest disservice by allowing jealousy to play a role much more than men do. They seem to be prepared to undermine each other much more than men do.

    Many of the biggest detractors to succesful women are other women.

    Are you going in circles?

    Probably but I think we all do when it comes to trying to make a point; especially if we can see the other persons point of view.

    The only people who don't go in circles and keep to a straight line are the opinionated and those who are unable to amend their opinions or see the other point :)

    I enjoyed that; thankyou MD, Sarah and to the originator; Doughboy.

  22. Well, whatever any of you say about her, she ain't going away anytime soon, and I think there is more to her than ever met the eye, and she will probably prove it.

    I think, as she becomes older , she will move her energies into different arenas, and more than likely she will be involved with disabled people simply because she is there living with disability every day, and showing that you can actually be normal too, which lets face it - is what people with disabilities are......

  23. You make good sense about women jeopardising other women's success, but that does go back to doughboy's original question as to why women would like Jordan/Katie Price rather than hating her. I think we can afford to wish her well, because she has had it tough, we wouldn't actually like her life even if we covet her wealth.

    Ever heard a woman be nice about Keira?

  24. Tangent: do you consider it offensive when people refer to non-disabled people as "normal"? I know a lot of people do. An example was a report in a newspaper about a study of autism. The non autistic children were referred to as normal and there was an outrage that the autistic children were indirectly being called abnormal.
    I don't incidentally think it's offensive when it is used to differentiate from not having a condition, in that example "normal" is measurable and so deviation from normal can be noted. No insult is implied, but many many people object to the term "normal" regardless of the context.

  25. Don't get me started on 'normal'... some people say I am not!

    I was using the term loosely.. I simply meant... well I think you know what I meant anyway, that disabled people are special because not only do they have to contend with life , but they also have a hand tied behind their back.

    I think if Katie price were to be patron of some charities and be outwardly seen to be promoting them, she will eventually become iconic, and that would be almost like living with a disability... doing it despite the plastic if you like

  26. Notice how I always stay 'on topic'... too long on message boards and being flamed for not doing so!

  27. She could only become iconic for having a disabled son if she did something to benefit disabled families in some way, just being a mum and coping is nothing iconic, thousands of others do that without note. As said before, having a disabled son is - rightly - not what she's known for and unlikely to be what she'll be remembered for.

    As to the normal thing, I shall unhijack and blog myself, do come visit...

  28. I've not been paying attention. I feel like an unattentive host. Thank you all, it's been entertaining.

  29. Does it make you feel better that I have no idea who this woman is? I definitely avoid any sort of "pop culture" and media bs so that's probably why. I try to only see actors in movies, lol.... honestly though I have never seen her before and upon looking at some other pics of her, you're right she has a horrifying "just got surgery" look pretty much all the time. It's a shame she was probably much prettier before and she'd look better without a tan too (with dark features)....I agree with you... what's the big deal with a flakey semi-star that has low self-esteem... wouldn't it be harder to find a naturally attractive mentally balanced woman?

  30. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Yes, I'm sure the girl has a lot of very admirable qualities..

    She's still a cunt though.