Monday, August 10, 2009

Why PIE - a month by month guide to the art of pie-making - a story of partial failure

It was January - there was optimism and probably a very cold wind in the air - my culinary and lifestyle guru challenged me to make a pie EVERY month throughout 2009. 'Hurrah!' I said. 'W00t!!! Yes! I'll do it!!!'

I loved those excalamation marks back in January 2009. It was such an optimistic month! Here's what I did wrote:

"Indeed, why pie? Well why not pie. Given all the New Year's resolutions you can make: losing weight, exercise, reading books bla bla bla. Eat more pie."

A New Year's resolution that got as went okay in January: Apple & Blackberry pie - slightly burnt at the edges.

That survived into February: Goat's cheese, onion & pepper flan - slightly burnt at the edge cos I tried to put it under the grill and brown off the cheesy top. I need a blow torch and at the time I needed a better pie dish. Once you start to do a thing it starts to get complicated. You need more items - it's like hill walking - you go out one day - and think, hmmm, that was fun, I'll do this as a hobby - then you have to go and buy a compass, proper boots, waterproofs, sandwiches - it's a palaver.

Also, goat's cheese? I thought I liked it. But I made a big bloomin pie - and I live alone. It was a pie for 6 people - 6 people who were hungry. I thought - "That'll do me for a few days that will!!! Lovely, lovely goat's cheese pie!!!" In truth, the second time I tried to eat it for my tea I was already starting to feel both sick of goat's cheese and a little bit sickly. It did not reheat well and it did not taste good cold. It was a bit urggghhhh. It was too rich, there was too much - and it was not the best pie in the world. I'm afraid I went with Homer Simpson's dictum, "If at first you don't succeed - give up."

So, and now it's AUGUST - we should be on pie number 8

I'm behind - perhaps I'll never catch up; perhaps it was just too much to expect, I'm an amateur. I need a proper teacher. I also need a pie audience I think. A group of hungry eaters to appreciate my pastry products. I have learnt that man cannot live on pie alone.

But given that the little apple tree in the back yard has produced a bumper crop of little red & green apples that are a little too sharp to eat uncooked - I've got no choice but to get with the pie making habit again. So I've returned to my first love: apple pie - or in this case apple tart.

And with the left over pastry I fashioned a little tomato tart. I've always been a big fan of tarts of all shapes and sizes... fnnar fnnar

So there we go - just under 4 months to go in the year and 9 more pies to make. I may yet surprise myself with my pie productivity - although if I continue to eat them all myself, I may need to purchase myself a pair of trousers with an elasticated waist...


  1. I love your pies. I can almost taste them, although the pastry looks heavy *cough*

    Waiting for a lemon meringue next!

  2. Lemon meringue? That's not a pie is it - oh yeah, it can be, I guess. The pastry was sort of folded over like a half lid. Will do better next time. I hope...