Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earthquake + Haiti + 50,000 dead x Daily Mail = Asperger's Disease & Kate McCann

Followed up with a little bit of Beyonce in her knickers and some medical guff about eye tests. See here to read more here on Project76 blog


  1. Yes but see my comment re the Express

  2. I would like to see your comments Mr Joyfeed but the Daily Express (and your link) just sends me to an article about Spitfire Hero forced to pay for baked beans.Which is obviously not a good thing.
    I am enjoying the commments of DukeVonCarpet though. He is a man with many opinions and lots of anger:
    Cameron an insult to the nation
    "If we elect this eejit he will be given the real manifesto and told to implement it....wake up everyone.

    "WWII Hero has to sell his house to pay for care; an absolute disgrace, immigrants who can't speak English are given houses and benefits and a national hero is treated like ****. This country is fundamentally morally corrupt."

  3. Right, sorry about that. All I was saying was that the Express had a story about the Romanians and a box saying 16 Britons feared dead, and a picture of Beyonce. Here is the Express link again.

    It is normal to criticise the Mail, but much rarer to point out that the Express carries undiluted racist wibble, every day.