Monday, August 08, 2011

Gig 3; adhoc Gong Show hand up when the MC says, "Anyone else fancy a go..."

Yes, the Gong Show. What so-called comedians are supposed to fear. 3 people in the audience with red cards when all three hold em up - you get gonged off. A situation where slightly drunken idiots think - y'know what, I'll have a go......... And I couldn't resist.

Tonight I was that drunken idiot. 

So it counts as Gig 3. Technically. Just biked it back home (oh my Hollywood life!). I wrote some new material yesterday afternoon. Thought I would try it out. TNo more Buddhism, no more Muslimism - after the stunned silent reception in Rochdale. I thought I'll do some quick fire gags. Not quick fire enough though. They gonged me off after about 3 minutes, maybe 3 and a half if I'm generous to myself. It's all a learning curve, ay? And given that there was a rubbish bit in the middle I can't really complain. The next bit was good though......... oh you never heard it.......

I texted my friend afterwards and she said I am becoming a comedyaholic. Addicted. I don't think that's true, I could easily stay at home and watch Heartbeat. But while I was there I don't like not trying. So why not. The winner on the night had a lot of charisma to be sure. More than me. Manic energy. Not someone you would want to move in next door for sure. But you had to watch him just cos he was a bit *mental*. If you can't compete with someone's crazy charisma, what can you do.

So I didn't feel any nerves and I wasn't funny enough. Fair enough. I was gonna get into a funny bit when they binned me off. Darwinism in action. Very weird. This is obviously the way to find out if you can do it. Tonight I did it, but didn't cut the gongy mustard.

One point though, if you talk about sensitive subjects: religion, gender issues - just mentioning these things isn't technically racist, prejudiced, or sexist. It's just mentioning different subject areas. I think some people don't have the capacity to tell the difference. So if you talk about anything sensitive some people are just immediately annoyed. Do you just stick to Lady Gaga and biscuits? Hmmm. Just something for me to bear in mind. All a bit odd anyway. Too many amateur comedians talk about wanking anyway. Embarrassing. Keep it to yourself, sir.

If you don't try you'll never know. Etc.......... Until next time then.