Tuesday, August 02, 2011

In my absence, the continued existence of my blog

What people have read and looked at while I've not been here:
  1.  Photos of Amy Winehouse looking tattooed and sad have proved 'popular'. Which is obvious enough. The point of that post was to point out that tattoos have become so mainstream and unremarkable. I wasn't having a go at tattooed people, just saying, wow, 10 or 15 years ago this person would look like a crazy biker/outcast with this number of tatts. Now they're a primary school teacher and no one is that bothered. Perceptions change, ay? Do people body modify out of self-love or self-disgust? Probably the same as everything else we do: eating, shagging, writing, cleaning - the shadow of one hovers over the other.
  2.  Photos and debate about the merits of 'the young people' having big earhole spacers in their lugholes. Here the background point was that this was my moment of becoming middle-aged. If you've grown up listening techno, thrash, jungle, gangsta rap and arty vomit music like The Swans (often through a thin bedsit wall, and not out of choice) - then there's not much in the world of music that can shock you. Computer music or angry music; yeah, whatever. Clothes wise too, we've sort of seen it all before and we're still waiting for the silver jumpsuits of the future. Instead people have got more into writing and drawing patterns on their skin and piercing, branding and stretching their bits and bobs. Like pushing up two fingers at a God that created them. Recreating themselves, like Winehouse & Robbie Williams and even the lead singer of Maroon 5 have done. My point with the big ear holes was that I was suddenly shocked by them. It was my "I don't understand this new generation. Young people today!" moment. I would genuinely stare. Although if people have words written on their back, I am going to stare cos I want to read what it says. And check the grammar.
  3. The Next Blog link. Weirdly lots of people have clicked on that in the last month and ended up here. Hmm.
  4. Spanking. Or rather corporal punishment. I'm linked to by a website called World Corporal Punishment Research. Which is nice. They are a non-judgemental organisation that just talk about corporal punishment around the world. They link to a post I wrote about getting the strap at school for going to the chippy without a pass. It was written in my usual nonsensical, rambling style. I'm a bit ashamed of most of these posts now to be honest, but here's what they had to say: "Why somehow wanting to write about students sitting in a circle ended up being more about getting a good thrashing
    One Mark Sullivan recalls receiving, at age 15, six of the best with a strap on his bottom in the headmaster's study at a northern grammar school, for leaving the school without permission at lunchtime. There was also a physics teacher who had a collection of plimsolls behind his desk."
Of course the big irony is that I have had more visitors when not writing anything than when I did bother to write 'anything'. Tally ho. I feel a sense of closure here. So many thanks to any sites that have linked or any people who have visited this horrid collection of random words by mistake.  Time to move on... comedy, yes, comedy..... 

Although, my friend has a photo of Amy Winehouse on a magazine cover from at least 10 years ago that I could put up here purely to gain massive empty popularity. But let's leave her be, ay.

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