Saturday, August 06, 2011

Slow down we're gonna crash: economics and the power of R Kelly

Google Images for 'Plane Panic'  you get this

Economics seems to be a bit like that that theory where if everyone in the plane doesn't believe that it can fly that it won't. It only takes one person to say, 'OH my gosh! Man wasn't made to fly! We're all doomed!' They stand up and go doo lally and everyone else panics, and the plane does as a result crash into a burning ball of ugly flames. If we had all sat quiet and not said anything I'm sure the charade could have gone on for much longer. A plane full of R Kellys would have no problems.

On a not particularly amusing note, when Alistair Darling was chancellor he did an interview in the guardian and said, y'know what, the economy is a bit shit. Everyone went doolally at him. It was as if no one wanted to know and he would cause the plane to crash. Now he seems hopelessly optimistic. But then he was a dour Scot and would have been stereotypically tight with his money, but a question in my mind is - what if George Oz had been in charge then, when Northern Rock was going under. Cos obviously he's got loads of mates in the city but he claimed the bail-out was a waste of money. what would have happened if we had let the banks go to the wall? better or worse or just a bit different? I have no idea.

note the france and germany who never really got into the credit card living thing seem to be much less affected by this whole shindig.

oh my, it's one of those things where the more you think about it more more depressed you get. hopefully as a result we will get some great music out of this of the late 70s depression variety:
angry, choleric, spittle flecked nastiness and shouting (punky style)
or head in the sands, drugs up the nose, hedonistic adventure (do the disco duck)

hard times = good art. so long as we don't get a new Ben Elton I'll have something to be glad about....

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